Massage and Body Oils


massage oils50ml - $12   
200ml - $40    
500ml - $75    
1L - $145

Sandalwood, Lavender, Bergamot
A relaxing and nourishing blend that helps to soothe the body, quiet the mind, and encourage sleep.

balance:  Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang
A balancing and nourishing blend that uplifts the spirit, and evokes the heady scents of a tropical island.

sports:  Cypress, Black Pepper, Sweet Marjoram
Helps to soothe tired and aching muscles, speed up muscle recovery after exercise, and stimulate blood flow to help prevent post-event muscle stiffness.

feet first:  Frankincense, Rosemary, Lemon
Helps to refresh tired and aching feet, and improve circulation and blood flow through the legs.



face oil

25 ml - $25

50ml - $35

hand blended oils that nourish & cherish tired skin

a few drops massaged onto your face at night make all the difference in the world


relax: essential Lavender & Cedarwood in Apricot Kernel, Rosehip, Wheatgerm & Evening Primrose oils.



refresher spritz50ml - $12      
100ml - $20

A purse sized blend of Tea Tree, Rosewood, and Sweet Orange in Lavender Water with Aloe Vera & Witchazel.





aroma-go10ml - $10
These roll-on remedies are aromatherapy on the go. Just roll them on to your skin to feel & smell the benefits of the wonderful oils!

refresh: Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Cypress

calm: Neroli, May Chang, Sandalwood

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