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Lavender is one of the most versatile herbs.  The Essential Oil can be used to calm & sedate, making it great for alleviating stress or anxiety. Lavender oil is also great to use on burns or any skin condition. It's antiseptic properties make it ideal for treating many health conditions such as coughs & colds, sinus, wounds & much more.

If you want to keep just ONE essential oil in your First Aid Kit then this is it!



Lavender essential oil:   

10ml - $10 

Essential oil of Lavendula intermedia this oil is extracted from lavender grown locally in the Wairarapa.

A great "first aid" in a bottle - use on scrapes & scratches, burns, pimples, insect bites, or as a natural disinfectant or deodorant.

For helping you relax & get to sleep: use 1-2 drops on your pillow for sleeping, or 5 drops in a bath for relaxing.



Lavender water:   

500ml - $15                     
1L refill - $20

Lavender water is a 100% pure distilled water (hydrosol) that's great to spray on your bed linen, as a soothing skin tonic, or even a room spray.

500mls in a beautiful Presentation bottle that makes a great gift.



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