Live Blood Screening

Seeing is Believing.

Live Blood Screening is the best screening tool I have. Two drops of your blood is all I need to investigate your Red & White blood cells.  The size, shape and ratios of your blood cells may tell me more about what's really going on for you, or simply reinforce what I already suspect. It's NOT a diagnostic tool, it IS a tool that helps me develop more effective Health plans for all my clients.

Live Blood Screening uses a microscope, computer & monitor to enable you to view your own blood in real time. Live blood screening does not replace standard lab tests, but nothing compares to seeing your own blood live on a screen in front of you.

A Live Blood Screening assists me in reviewing the following factors (some of which may be impacting on your health) :

Sample Images

hemaview sample 1

This image : 
The white circles are Red Blood Cells (RBC's). Ideally we want these to be nice & round & all the same size.

The arrow is pointing to Platelets that are stuck together. This can be indicative of inflammation. Platelets are also involved in blood clotting.


hemaview sample 2

This image : 
The white shiny objects are Neutrophils - a type of White Blood Cell.

These cells provide constant immune surveillance and are commonly seen in a Hemaview sample.


hemaview sample 3

This image : 
Inside the RBC's you can see "shadows" which may indicate dehydration.

The small white dots are Chylomicrons which are involved with fat digestion and absorption. Chylomicrons are commonly seen in Live Blood Screening after ingesting food.


Live Blood Screening lets you take a real part in managing and understanding your health.  I use this to investigate and explain how different aspects may relate to your health. I include a Live Blood Screening in my New Patient approach, or you can have a screening as a stand alone appointment.

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Live Blood Screening

live blood screening Using only one or two drops of your blood, Hemaview live blood screening can help you identify areas of deficiency or possible signs of illness. It is fast, safe and scientifically proven. More...