Pre-Conception health


Optimal health for both parents – be in the best health you can be to start your pregnancy. I recommend BOTH parents-to-be attend - it's vital that you're working together on this one!
   -  a comprehensive health assessment to establish the best options for each of you
   -  key health plans for both you and your partner
   -  dietary, nutritional & lifestyle recommendations

This is an investment in both your health and the health of your baby. You may choose to do only Phase 1 or Phase 2, plus Phase 3, however I do recommend choosing all 3 phases! Your final health plan will be timeframed around your pre-conception/conception goals.


Phase 1 = starts with a specialised Pre-Conception Health Consultation

Your first session is a fact finding mission and sets the foundation for your treatment plan.  Your first appointment takes 45 minutes and involves an online questionnaire with an in-clinic health screening.  Your second appointment (usually the following week) will be all about tests such as blood pressure check, urinary dysbiosis, Zinc & pH tests plus your Live Blood Screening.

You'll each receive some dietary and lifestyle recommendations best suited to your needs, with the full Pre-Conception Wellness Plan to follow after Phase 3.


Phase 2 = in clinic tests + Live Blood Screening

This takes about 45 minutes each. You get to see your blood live on screen - together we'll discuss what's indicated by the images. You get a 4-page report with photos + recommendations.

Phase 3 = the finished product - your Pre-Conception Care Plan

This is where it all comes together. At this appointment we'll look at the challenges and goals from your first appointment, review your Live Blood Screening, and put it all together in the form of your Pre-Conception Wellness Plan. I write a separate plan for each of you, as your personal health challenges will be all yours!


Please call or email to discuss how this might work for you.


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Live Blood Screening

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