about nourishe

Nourishe is health & wellbeing. "Vitality for Life" is the philosophy behind all my assessments & recommendations.

Our philosophy is based on 5 key principals

 - Help not harm
 - Use tools of nature
 - Identify & treat the cause
 - Treat the whole person
 - Transfer knowledge

Nourishe was established by me, Deborah Wright in 2002.


Deborah Wright

Naturopath, Massage Therapist
As the owner and practitioner at nourishe health & wellness, I have years of experience treating stress and fatigue, chronic illness and emotional wellbeing.

I am a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist, and Live Blood Screening Practitioner. I am also trained in other complementary body work modalities which I incorporate into my practice.  As a member of the NZ Society of Naturopaths I am affiliated with the NZ Charter of Natural Health Practitioners. 

Being registered with the New Zealand Society of Naturopaths means that you will be able to claim up to $400.00 a year for consultations with me if you have insurance with Southern Cross Health insurance within their Wellbeing Plan (module A).

NZ Society of Naturopaths
NZ Society of Naturopaths



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